Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ken Follett ~~~Whiteout~~~Fiction
Nora Roberts~~~Northern Lights~~~Fiction
Jan Karon~~~Light From Heaven~~~Fiction
Melanie Rawn~~~ Dragon Prince~~~Fantasy~~~Previously read
Melanie Rawn~~~The Star Scroll~~~Fantasy~~~Previously read
Melanie Rawn~~~Sun-Runner's Fire~~~Fantasy~~~Previously read
Sebastian Junger~~~A Death In Belmont~~~True Crime
Kathy Reichs~~~Cross Bones~~~Mystery/Thriller
Kim Harrison~~~Dead Witch Walking~~~Supernatural Fantasy
Lynn Flewelling~~~The Oracle's Queen~~~Fantasy~~~Book 3 in the series
Jacqueline Carey~~~Kushiel's Scion~~~Fantasy~~~1st in newest series. Yum!
Susan Vreeland~~~The Forest Lover~~~Fiction
Marcia Willett~~~A Week In Winter~~~Fiction
Diana Gabaldon~~~A Breath of Snow and Ashes~~~Fiction~~~Love Her
Maeve Binchy~~~Whitethorn Woods~~~Fiction~~~Lover her too!
Anne Tyler~~~The Amateur Marriage~~~Fiction
Jonathan Lethem~~~Motherless Brooklyn~~~Fiction
Elizabeth George~~~A Traitor to Memory~~~Mystery~~~Yep, Love her too!
Tanya Huff~~~Smoke and Mirrors~~~Supernatural Fantasy

Guess it's been awhile since I've add to my blog books read list.


At 10:10 AM , Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Hi Judy, Nice to meet you =). Thanks for the nice comment you left me at knitting kat. No I don't collect Mary E. magazines...never got around to subscribing. I used to use my JoAnn's coupon to get one now and then, but my growing interest in collage and scrapbooking use my coupons now. I do have Mary's coffetable book featuring her home and its is a delight! I got my 'hutch' idea straight from its pages. And I save any calanders of hers. She is strict about not using her images...and I'd love to of course in my collages but...there is lots of other things to use. I see Jan Karon is one of your authors...I love her series. I also love Linda Nichols and Liz Curtis Higgs 'Thorn in my Heart' series. Ever read them? I can't endorse quite everything in Liz's stories...but they held my heart in thier hand as I read that series. Ever read 'Girl of the Limberlost' by Gene Stratton Porter? Another gem I love. Better go get busy...nice visiting you though.

At 4:41 AM , Blogger Gina E. said...

Hi Judy, I just got around to checking out this blog, after spending so much time on your other one! Wow, I really envy you your library. I could happily get lost in there for a year or so. Ken doesn't read books at all, so he gets a bit impatient with my books all over the place. I try to keep them in one room and have as many bookcases as I can fit in there, but I've run out of space now and of course books are spilling everywhere. He says "If you stop buying books, you won't have to buy book cases". Some people just don't understand, do they?
By the way, I share your love of some of those authors - Mauve Binchy, Diana Gagaldon and Kathy Reichs especially.


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