Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In response to Lelia's question regarding this doll which featured in the picture that I put in a previous post about the book "The Other Boleyn Girl" that I was reading....

This is a doll that I brought back with me from one of my trips to
England. I found her in a shop in Stratford, where I'd been staying.
She is meant to represent Catherine Howard, the 5th wife of
Henry VIII. She was a cousin of Anne Boleyn's, and just like her
cousin she had the misfortune of not pleasing her husband, and
loosing her head because of it.

The doll stands about 15 inches tall, and her head, hands and legs
are made of a sculpting clay or bisque like material. The artist who
made her is Brenda Price and the card attached to the doll has the
artist's signature and the date 1982 on it. Her gown is a purple
velvet, and she is trimmed out in lace and silver brocade. I
especially love her head dress, which is trimmed in little beads and

A friend of mine went to England about 11 years ago and she also
brought back a doll of this sort. But hers is a more finer piece. I don't
know who made her doll, but it is suppose to be Anne Boleyn, I think.

I remember standing in the store, looking at all the dolls by Brenda
Price that they had for sale, which included all of Henry's wives,
Henry and his daughter Elizabeth. I had a terrible time trying to
decide which one to bring home, when I really, really wanted to pack
them all up and bring them all home. So why did I chose this
Catherine? I don't honestly remember. I do remember the Henry
doll, hands on hips, legs spread wide apart, looking every inch the
tyrant. And Elizabeth, the regal Queen - Gloriana incarnate. Sigh.

I should add that each trip to England I also came home with a bag

full of books. I topped up my collection of Jean Plaidy books, which
I was wild for at that time. And I still have all my tour books, which
fills one of those big, plastic bins. I brought a porcelain doll home
from one trip too, and delicate pieces of glass ware. I don't know how
I managed it all really. And a ton of film. I took a picture with every
other step that I made.

Lelia, could you post pictures of your dolls, and tell me about them
too please?


At 10:23 AM , Blogger Lelia said...

I have not found ALL of them [the dolls] & will put up a post w/photos when I gather them together. They are made by Merry Maker & are Colonial dolls. Dolls from Williamsburg. Not as elegant as your doll -- but, they are very unique [IMO]. I think Merry Maker has a web site & after I get my act together...will get up a complete post : )


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