Monday, August 14, 2006

My friend Linda likes this picture because the lighting gives the room a warm glow and coziness. Unfortunatly it doesn't show the books too clearly. But what can you do? This section is a real mish-mash of topics and titles. To the right is the begining of the bookcases with the majority of my larger coffee table/reference books. In the middle, paperback romance and historical fiction novels. Beside the floor lamp is my Sci-fi/fantasy tv series novels. Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, V, Forever Knight etc. Behind the lamp the tall bookcase that is almost completely dark holds my collection of movie books, books on England, books on Titanic and other shipwreaks, and other stuff. The taller bookcase at the far left holds more books on England and the Royals, books on home decor and crafting, more movie books and books on musicals, novels and other stuff.
The rest of the window wall, and can really see the witch hanging over the table in this picture.