Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well, I did it again. Went nuts on Indigo/Chapters site. I
ordered five books that were on my wish list on that site,
and they arrived this week. That is, they arrived after a
side trip to a local school that the post office has decided is
where my book orders belong.

I had a delivery go to the school, which is not close to my
house at all, in December and a nice lady who works there
actually phoned me to let me know that they had my parcel
and was willing to arrange for DH to pick it up on his way
home from work instead of sending it back through the postal
service. She thought that it was possible that the package
might contain a Christmas order, which it did as it happens,
and didn't want to risk sending it back in the mail and have it
wander around for who knows how long and miss Christmas.
I was very grateful for her thoughtfulness.

This time I guess they figured that there was no rush, and so
sent the box back through the mail, after writing on it "Not for
Park School" and circling my address on the address sticker. I
checked the address on the sticker when I got the box and it's
correct, and my name is on it quite clearly. So I have no idea why
the things are going to the school. Ah well. At least I did get it

And I received...."Twilight" and "New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer. Listed as
young adult fiction but I don't care about that. It's a vampire/
young romance series which I found out about from reading Dani's
blog "The Peacock's Feather". She'd raved about these books and I
was intrigued by the description and couldn't wait to get them too.

I also got:Two fantasy novels. Katherine Kurtz's "Childe Morgan" which is a
Deryni novel. A very skinny Deryni novel I might add. Wasn't too
impressed when I pulled it out of the box and saw how thin it was.
. Ms Kurtz must be concentrating her efforts more on
renovating her castle in Ireland these days then on writing.
The other novel is by Cecilia Dart Thornton and is book two in her
newest series. She writes very interesting stories and I've enjoyed
them all so far.

And finally:As you can see from the books piled on the shelf behind my new
Margaret George book "Helen of Troy" I love her books. This is
her fifth book and it's nice and thick, which will make up for the
skimpiness of Katherine Kurtz's book. I know the story about Helen
from Greek mythology but I don't know how it translate into
historical fiction so this will be an interesting read.

Now, as everyone who knows me is well aware, my bookshelves
are fit to bursting with books. I've had to start piling them up on
other pieces of furniture because there is no room left on the
bookshelves themselves. Which is a pain in the neck when I get a
new book by an author I collect and I want to put it with it's
, but find there's no room. Well, I got to facing facts
and made a tough decision. I pulled out the books on my shelves
that I know I'll probably never read, most of which were bought on
sale to begin with, and I piled them in the middle of the library floor.
Then I did some rearranging to put my new purchases in their proper
places. This has given me some much needed room, for now. It is only
a temporary solution though. It won't be long before those spaces are
filled and I'll be back to square one again.

And what was DH's reaction when I told him that I was packing up
books to send to the used book store?